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Important Product Information
New Thin design Fire Barrier Systems

We have added a  new design of fire barrier to our already extensive fire barrier line.  The fire barrier is ultra thin and carries a 2 hour UL Fire Rating.  The design can work in conjuction with our vast line of expansion joints.  The three styles are P30-11-02, P30-51-02, and the P30-54-02.   The maximum joint opening is 3" for these three designs.

We have recently added our Pocket Form Isolators as well as a Weather Joint System.  Select one of the buttons at the top left to view these plus our other designs as well.  You can also select the links below to see our Expansion Joint Brochures and Color options.

Architectural Art's Expansion Joints                Expansion Joints for Parking and Open Air Surfaces           Expansion Joints for Parking and Open Air Surfaces

Discontinued Products

We no longer offer the polyurethane on the C series but we do offer two types of seals to fit your project requirements.  The standard compressible vinyl-groove style seal and the stretchable Santoprene smooth surface seal for completely flush applications like clean rooms and high debris applications.

Product Identification Tool

Please visit our Products by Application section for a quick view of products categorized into particular building installations like Floor, Wall, Exterior, etc.

Our numbering system is quick and simple.

  • A10-11-11 = A stands for A series product and 10 stands for 1" joint installations
  • B20-11-16 = B stands for B series product and 20 stands for 2" joint installations
  • The trailing numbers indicate options in those families.

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