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 Pittcon Industries, a manufacturer of architectural metal and gypsum board specialties, has acquired Architectural Art Manufacturing Inc., a producer of building expansion joint and trench covers.

With the acquisition, Pittcon increases its expansion joint offering to more than 500 styles and sizes, expands its coast-to-coast presence, and enables customers to get a greater selection of architectural specialties from one supplier.
Architectural Art's line of expansion joint covers are used for thermal, seismic and fire-rated applications.  The metal components of the products are made of aluminum, bronze and stainless steel.  Architectural Art brings with it a significant business in trenches and access covers.
Pittcon will continue to manufacture and market Architectural Art's entire product line along with its own.  Pittcon manufacturers a wide range of decorative interior and exterior products, including light covers, ceiling and wall panels, column covers, moldings for drywall and plaster, and decorative gypsum board. 

Both Architectural Art and Pittcon have been in business since the 1940s.
Architectural Art's product line will remain under that company's name and will continue to be sold by a dedicated team of sales reps, adding to Pittcon's current team of 35 reps. However, Pittcon has already transferred all customer service duties on behalf of Architectural Art, promising a better response time for quotes and deliveries than customers may have received in the past.
Pittcon will continue to make innovative improvements to all of our product lines.  "Our product offering isn't limited to what's shown in our catalogue.  Our project managers work with architects and designers on a daily basis to help create new and innovative products to suit their needs.
Pittcon will continue to provide operations from its Riverdale, Md., headquarters and its other facilities in Phoenix,AZ, and Jefferson, GA.  Pittcon, which has enjoyed some international business with its current line of products, is also forming an international sales force to market expansion joint covers overseas.

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